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15 of the Best Horror Game Trailers Ever
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5. Dying Light

Dying Light gets us going with a quote from Camus’ classic work, The Plague. This quote might not make too much sense to those who haven’t experienced the game yet, but it’s chillingly fitting.

We see a thick accented man talk to the protagonist. From the way he talks, we can tell he’s strong, in control, and letting the protagonist know who the boss is. Then we see a rag-tag group of “runners” who risk everything to save others.

Emotions run high as we see the characters as they travel throughout the city, trying to help others and fend of zombies. We learn that the protagonist is a parkour teacher and the trailer features lots of parkour action for future players to tackle.

Before the trailer ends the accented man tells us that chaos is the order of things. When we see the zombies at the height of their abilities at night, we know this to be all too true.

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