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15 of the Best Horror Game Trailers Ever
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14. Silent Hill HD Collection

What’s scarier than one Silent Hill? Three Silent Hills, even if the poor original game didn’t make it into the trailer.

This trailer treats us to iconic cut scenes from Silent Hill 2 such as when James encounters an enemy for the first time and looks at himself in the gross bathroom mirror. The video swaps to Heather from Silent Hill 3 who wonders if what she is experiencing is a dream. She navigates Silent Hill’s amusement park that has become as rusty and blood soaked as the rest of the town.

We get plenty of disturbing visuals of the game’s monsters as they twitch and slither around. There’s even a clip of Pyramid head’s moment with the mannequins from Silent Hill 2, an image that is forever burned into our minds.

Let the Silent Hill nostalgia begin.

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