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Together, you and your friends can do so much
No game is more fun than a game played with friends.

18. Star Wars: Battlefront 

Developer: Dice

Action, shooter

Human vs. Human

May the force be with us all.

It looks like we’re going back to a galaxy far, far away. This next era of Star Wars Battlefront will having us going to memorable landscapes and planetary atmosphere to engage in glorious firefights. This coming news must be exciting for fans of the Star Wars-verse.

So far, the gameplay shows that players will be able to play as either the Rebellion or the Empire. You’ll be able to fight on foot or one of the iconic vehicles, including snow speeders and AT-AT walkers. And, of course, the chance will come during the fight when you will be able to pick up a lightsaber and play as one of the iconic characters in the Star Wars films.

The popular series is back, and in a really big way.

You will be able to team up with your friend to fight the enemy through campaigns and in short skirmishes. I imagine that, since you were able to do so in the previous games, will be able to play as the Republic and Confederacy factions. The gameplay looks so wonderful, from the updated graphics to the new motions that troops do when shot, and what little that has bene revealed shows promise for an incredibly engrossing game.

Star Wars: Battlefront

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