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Together, you and your friends can do so much
No game is more fun than a game played with friends.

19. Borderlands 2

Developer: Gearbox

FPS, Action, Role-Playing

Vault Hunter vs. World

More fun than tea at Tiny Tina's, and less deadly.

Continuing off where Borderlands left off, and add several years on top of that, Borderlands 2 gives you four new vault hunters, a new whole storyline and a new Pandora to explore, and not to mention the bazillion more types of guns.  This time, a man named Handsome Jack, apparent owner of Atlas Corporation, is looking to unlock the powers of the Vault and destroy the rebels resisting him.

 As fun as it is to play through the campaign yourself, it’s a lot more fun to have more than one gun-blazing vault hunter trying to stop Handsome Jack. Combine your characters to pull off some very exciting combinations. It’s also lot of fun to have one of your characters belittle another for having to help their sorry butt up after being knocked down.

Welcome back to Pandora, Kiddo

Borderlands 2 coop gives you and your teammate a great experience with loads of guns, each one different than the rest, and fun skill trees to make each of you your own unique character. And when the two of you are done fighting side-by-side, you can duke it out in an arena or in a duel.

Borderlands 2

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