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Together, you and your friends can do so much
No game is more fun than a game played with friends.

26. Saint’s Row 3

Developer: Volition


Human vs. Human

You got what it takes to be a Saint, punk?

If you don’t have any idea why this game made the list, then you either live under a rock or this game is not for you. Saints Row 3 takes us to the city of Steelport, where your gang, the Third-Street Saints, have become celebrity-status. Your gang is much more into endorsements and signing autographs than actually hurting people, but don't worry. The introduction of vicious gangs, and a para-military locking down your city, will help encourage you all to go back to your roots.

The game has all the open-world goodness that GTA has, but then add some crudeness to the equation and a lot of explosions.  This is the game to get the guys and gals with a terrible sense of humor over to your home and go on a merry mayhem through the streets of the city. If that doesn’t make you want to buy Saints Row 3, then I might add that the game has a horde mode that combines what you would expect from a horde mode and the crude humor you’d expect from a Saints Row game.

Action, explosions, and more craziness than you could possible ever imagine.

Think of this like a GTA game, but you can be as odd-balled as you want.

Saint Row's 3

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