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Explore the galaxy. Become a legend!


Explore the galaxy in EVERSPACE.

I know in my lifetime I will never see space the way I would like. That is why games like EVERSPACE appeal to me. I can explore galaxies in a way that I would never be able to in my own lifetime.

EVERSPACE is a game that has successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign to date. With their amount of funds nearly doubled, they can do whatever they choose with this game.

The game is a 3D space shooter that will have rogue-like elements. Each run you do gives you the chance to pick up upgrades for your ship, making you stronger each round you go without dying. However, death is eventually inevitable and you will meet your end.

The developers claim that even death is rewarding. In your next game, you will be able to alter your starting conditions. The conditions will vary, but either way, your death will not be in vain.

Perhaps the most intriguing catch for me is that this game does have a story, whereas in most rogue-like games, the story serves only to justify gameplay. The developers do not give us a hint to what this story is, just that there is a great mystery to solve and with each run, success or failure, a piece of the puzzle will be uncovered.

The expected release date of EVERSPACE is October 2016.

A view from space.

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