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9. Dark Souls III

Dark Souls 3: Gameplay theatrical trailer

In a dark apocalyptic world, one hero must fight for hope when hope is almost lost. Will this be the end or will there be light at the end of the darkness?

Not much is truly known yet about the story that will fuel Dark Souls III, but it is expected that it will contain the darkest story to date. With new monsters to fight and new lands to explore, players will find a way to uncover the secrets and mysteries behind the story.

The gameplay looks to be similar to its predecessor Dark Souls II, with perhaps a few upgrades. There will be a new system called battle arts, which is a new set of powerful moves for each weapon you possess. Some weapons may contain only one battle art while others may contain more.

Another scary thought is the idea that bosses may be somewhat unpredictable. Though some bosses in previous games had this mechanic, it appears it has been programmed for all bosses. So get ready for even more of a challenge!

Finally, though it’s not 100% clear, it appears that Darks Souls III will bring certain aspects of the series thus far to a close. It will give an end to some of the stories that we don’t know the answer to yet.

Darks Souls III will be out on April 12, 2016.

This foe is strong.

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