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11 MMORPGs with the sexiest female characters
Prepare to be mesmerized.

10. Vindictus (Mabinogi Heroes)

Vindictus, also known as Mabinogi Heroes, is an action-packed MMORPG offering ten playable characters – five of whom are dangerous women so dazzling their enemies will be too busy admiring them to realize there’s a blade headed for their throats.

There’s Arisha, a tough battle witch who is as deadly with her sword as she is with her spells; Fiona, who will stick a sword into you, then bash your skull in with a shield; Vella, who won’t introduce you to her parents, but probably will to her dual swords if you misbehave; Evie, a young noblewoman known for her magic, and whose classy style will make you feel like a pauper; and Lynn, an agile lady whom you’ll probably never get close to, thanks to the very, very large spear she’s wielding. These lovely ladies may be delightful to the eye, but watching them make short work of their opponents on the battlefield is even more entrancing – it’s like watching a beautiful dance of death!

An exhilarating game, and one with some of the sexiest female characters in gaming!











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