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Great RPGs you might have overlooked

2. Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Shadowrun Hong Kong PC 60FPS Gameplay | 1080p

Shadownrun: Hong Kong carries on Shadowrun legacy in this standalone, indirect sequel to the franchise. Set in the year 2056, the story takes you on a cyberpunk style adventure through the streets of Hong Kong. The story is rich with intrigue while characters are never lacking in backstory, giving you a reason to be emotionally invested in their various and sometimes tragic fates.

The gameplay of this Shadowrun if your typical turn-based tactical combat one might be used to seeing in class RPGs without feeling overdone. Its unique look and edgy soundtrack keep help give the game a lift it doesn’t need and only adds flavor to an already great story. Overall Shadowrun is a worthy successor to its beloved predecessors.

Who knew future Hong Kong would have so much garbage lying around?

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