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A simpler, yet joyous time...
A simpler, yet joyous time...

1. Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man

Before Sonic, before Mario, there was Pac-Man: the original video game mascot.

Pac-Man, developed by Namco and released in arcades in 1980, starred the eponymous yellow blob whose strange diet consisted of fruits, pellets, and ghosts.

The game was simple; navigate a maze full of shimmering dots without getting murdered by any of the four ghosts. Eating a power pellet turned the tables, temporarily allowing Pac-Man to gulp said ghosts down. You move on to the next stage once all dots have been ingested.

Pac-Man 01

Though it didn’t do so well in Japan, in North America, its massive success eventually earned it over 2 billion dollars in coins guzzled by arcade machines alone. In 1982, Ms. Pac-Man was released, and was immediately recognized as a huge improvement over the game that inspired it.

Currently available for the PC is Pac-Man Museum: a compilation that includes Pac-Man, and other games in the franchise. Ms. Pac-Man is a DLC for this collection. What better way to enjoy two of the best classic arcade games?

Pac-Man 02

Pac-Man 03

So what do you guys think about these classic arcade games? Have your own favorites that you’d like to share with us? Tell us in the comments section below!

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