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A simpler, yet joyous time...
A simpler, yet joyous time...

10. Golden Axe


Arcade fans were treated to high fantasy of the Conan kind when the sidescrolling, hack-and-slash beat ‘em up Golden Axe was released in 1989.

Golden Axe featured three playable heroes: a sweaty, half-naked muscle man; a woman in skimpy armor that provided absolutely zero protection; and a conservatively dressed dwarf with a really big head. Two players could cooperate to fend off a tide of club-wielding barbarians, skeletons, and other fantasy freaks. Aside from cutting foes up with blades, the heroes could also use magic for some major chaos, and even ride dinosaurs into battle.

Golden Axe 02

It was friggin’ awesome.

Thanks to its graphics, which were some of best in the late 80s, the game transported players to a world of magic and mayhem that was hard to forget. How often did you get to fight on the back of a giant turtle? Or call thunder from the sky to zap your enemies?

Golden Axe fans can now re-experience one of the best classic arcade games and its sequels through Steam.

Golden Axe 03

Golden Axe 04

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