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space strategy games
Build a powerful armada of ships and explore the vastness of space.

8) Homeworld Remastered (2015)

An Introduction to Homeworld Remastered Collection

The Kharak Satellites discovered an ancient Spaceship buried in the Great Desert. Inside they found the Guidestone that would lead you and your people to your Homeworld. However, the Taiidan, the current hostile residence of the Homeworld will do anything to stop you.

When Homeworld was first released in 1999, it was the first RTS game to have a 3-D movement. Whereas in most RTS games, Players play on a flat plane, in Homeworld the Player can move on a spherical plane. The ships can be above or below the target in any angle.

You would need to collect resources so you can research new craft to help you in combat. Build ships that would help with population and gather more resources to become a powerful force.

Fight in RTS to protect your Mothership

Prepare your fleet for battle

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