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space strategy games
Build a powerful armada of ships and explore the vastness of space.

1) Stellaris (2016)

Stellaris: Utopia - Release Trailer

Conquer the Universe on your own or form alliances with online players. Explore the Universe to gather resources and research new technology, and establish diplomacy or declare war with neighboring worlds.

In this universe, you have built your empire, now move on and evolve your race and empire to something unimaginable. You can use Megastructures to harness unique resources and power from the stars. Adopt cultures as your own, or wage war against them and conquer their land for survival.

Strategize your forces so you can win battles. Your focus is to get the highest Military Power, which will shape how well you do in the fight. This system is rated by your skills and how many forces you deploy.

Create settlements on different planets and expand your empire

Create Science Ships to do research, so you can acquire better tech and ships

These Space Strategy Games are only a small section of games. As long as Mankind continue to dream about the stars, Developers will continue to make these type of games to help us explore and exploit the universe and strategize against hostile enemies. For anyone wanting to visit planets and different cultures and take on threats that will pose a threat to our world, these games are for you. Would you dare the unknown?

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