11 Best PC Games That Are Over 10 Years Old But Still Awesome: Page 5 of 11

Worth playing over and over...
Worth playing over and over...

7. Homeworld


Epic space battles!

Homeworld broke out of the real-time strategy box by giving us not two, but three dimensions to wage our massive space battles in. The result? A sci-fi epic for the new millennium and beyond.

Released in 1999, Homeworld puts you in control of the Kushan, a space-faring species living in a gargantuan “Mothership.” Your home planet has been destroyed, so your only hope is to sail in the vastness of the void until you find a new one. But the final frontier is one filled with danger. The occasional raider may be nothing more than a petty annoyance, but you’ve also got the Taiidan, an entire interstellar empire seeking your destruction.

Because you’re not limited to a flat plane, Homeworld boasts an unprecedented freedom of movement. More importantly, it brings whole new levels of tactics and strategy to the genre that hasn’t been emulated ever since. Truly one of the best pc games ever created – and we’re grateful it now has a remastered version for sale online.


Interstellar dogfight


Space sure is beautiful...

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