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Worth playing over and over...
Worth playing over and over...

9. System Shock 2

System Shock 2 03

You just caught them in the middle of an embarassing dance number, and now they're mad!

System Shock 2 02

These robots aren't here to help you

Not since Ridley Scott’s Alien have we been this scared of science fiction horror.

1999’s System Shock 2 is a first-person shooter/RPG hybrid that strands you aboard a starship populated by zombies and other nightmarish creatures. But even more frightening is the series’ primary antagonist, the malevolent A.I., SHODAN.

SHODAN taunts as you as progress through the claustrophobic corridors of the Von Braun. But with the ship under the control of the rogue computer XERXES, and an alien force that has turned the entire crew into mindless murderers, you have no choice but to work together.

The story of the Von Braun’s fall is told through haunting voice recordings scattered throughout the ship. Further lending a sense of dread to an already eerie atmosphere, monsters have a habit of popping out of nowhere, then stalking you until there’s nowhere left to hide. Truly a nerve-wracking experience.

And if you’re wondering about the “Shock” in the title, it’s because the game was designed by Ken Levine, the same guy behind the BioShock franchise. No wonder the game’s amazing!

System Shock 2 01

Never underestimate the power of the stress ball!

System Shock 2 04

Blast them away!

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