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41. Uncharted Waters Online

It is time to set sail for adventure.  Explore the historical high seas from the Age of Sail in this open world game.  Choose between three paths: adventurer, merchant, and soldier.  Players can then improve their skills by taking on different types of jobs.  With over 100 skills available, characters can be uniquely designed to best fit a player’s play style. 

Among the skill list are production abilities that help build ships, make weapons, harvest food, and many other items in the game.  Items can be sold to NPCs or other players for profit.  The economy is completely player driven, as they set the price for the items they sell.

Once a player has all the gear they need, it is time to take to the seas and sail wherever you wish.  Following the vast ocean maps of the real world, players can visit over 180 bustling ports and settlements.  Venture to the six continents, each with their own items, people, and secrets.

On the open waters, you might run into a ship that bodes you ill.  Load up the cannons and engage in a PvP on the seas.  Take part in massive sea feuds, featuring hundreds of players.  Join the Battle Campaign and fight other players, death match style.  Survive long enough, and become a Captain who is not to be trifled with.

Face off against an entire fleet of ships.

42. Vindictus

The world is in strife. Humans seek to bring back their goddess, Morrighan, and be enriched in paradise. This has caused the lands to be wrapped in an endless war.

Players will start the game with a choice from among ten characters, each with styles of combat and abilities. And while the appearance of these characters can be altered, basic skills and fighting are set upon creation. Skills create a unique game experience depending on the selected character. Additionally, each is able to wield two different weapons, allowing their abilities to be used in two different styles in of itself. Combat in the game is considered fast paced, utilizing comb-based fighting instead of activation of skills commonly found in MMORPGs. Instead of the typical strategic button clicking found in most MMOs, players can dodge, counter, and block incoming attacks.

Level up the character by gaining experience points by diving into Instant Dungeons for fast grinding, or take on the different quests. Players will have the option of completing these on their own or joining up with friends. Having a partner can be beneficial, but it also gives bosses more health, making them harder to put down. There is also a scale difficulty for dungeons. Higher difficulties yield more experience, allowing for faster grinding experience.

Choose your character and complete epic quests

43. Hurtworld

A hardcore multiplayer that focuses on deep survival. The game tempts players out of their “comfort zone” with better loot and high tech. Dangerous creatures and harsh environments will push players to the limit.

The land is out there, it is up to you to find the courage and take it.  Resources are out there ready to be mined which will allow for better items to be crafted.  Mining can be accomplished through a pickaxe or dynamite if you happen to have it.  Then it is time to combine the items with a crafting system that allows players to construct gear, tools, weapon, and machines.  Through crafting, a little pickaxe can be replaced by a fully automated drill.

Explore the world in style with a number of bikes and cars.  Although not all vehicles are operational from the start, It is up to players to scavenge for parts to get it moving again.  Then players can upgrade things like the engine or the gear box to make it a real speed machine.

Now since the land is being shared by other players, some might not be so willing to share the resources needed to survive.  Weapons will come in handy when players have to fight it out.  With melee and projectile weaponry available, you can make quick work of someone.  But players need to be careful, as cunning peers may heighten your own chances of death.

Everything in the world is affected by the day and night cycle.  Endure localized effects like radiation and dynamic weather shifts.  Items can behave different given the current environment.  A steak you harvested may freeze in the cold, but at least it will no longer be rotten.  Having a storage chest too close to your open flame, and all your gear might go up in smoke.

The game is still in early development.  Players are advised to give feedback to developers.

Vehicles are a huge help to survive.

44. How to Survive 2

It has been several years since the incident in the Los Riscos’ archipelago.  Now the infection that had once been local has spread into a worldwide pandemic.  People all across the world now struggle to survive one more day.

The undead are after you.  Supplies are dwindling.  And you are on the verge of starving.  Just another Wednesday in this survival game.  Create your character with new and different skills to play as a unique survivor in this world.  Scavenge the world to find materials needed to handcraft armor, tools, and weapons.  A new crafting system allows you to use items and materials to craft hundreds of different tools, which can be upgraded.  Then it is time to team up with up to 16 players online.

With your party, take on Elite Quests where you will only have one shot at achieving the objective.  Death will send players back to the camp, and they will have to deal with angry friends for failing the quest.  And with the camp, players can customize it to work as a base of operations.  It needs to be protected in order for it to survive.  The group can set up traps in order to better stave off hordes of powerful zombies.

With day and night cycle, the darkness becomes a treacherous place to venture out in at night.  Nocturnal zombies are able to pick off players under the cover of night.  Sprinting into the night can be hindered by the weight of your inventory.  The more items you carry, the slower the player will be, and more likely to be picked off by the undead.  And if not the undead, starvation and dehydration will do a player in.  So you must keep an eye on your hunger and thirst.

Be strategic about your moves in order to survive.

45. The Elder Scrolls Online

Roam the lands of Tamriel, through the wilderness and into the dungeons.  Join the thousands of players as they navigate the game, be it on horseback or other modes of transportation.  Non-player characters populate the world, and can be killed by players.  Doing so is a crime, which can trigger an aggressive pursuit by the authorities.  Each town has their laws and economy which can be stimulated by completing certain quests.

At the start of the game, players can choose from a number or races, from human to lizard-people.  Eighteen skills are available to the player and divided into three schools of combat, magic, and stealth.  Training certain skills and gaining experience allows for the player to level up.  There is no class system, allowing players to choose skills to use more frequently rather than choosing a specific class to make use of skills.

Combat relies on the use of weapons and armor, which can be bought or forged, and magic can be unlocked through the discovery of tomes.  Spell and blade can be dual-wielded by the player if they so choose to, and can be swapped out through a quick-access menu of favorite items.

Freely roam the land of Skyrim, through the wilderness upon horses with the wind blowing in your virtual hair.  Delve into dungeons, enter the fortresses and protect villages across the continent.  While exploring the open world, players will encounter an assortment of wildlife.  The game animal like the elk or deer simply run at the presence, like in real life.  However, some beasts are extremely hostile toward players like the ferocious dragons.  Such beasts may show up without a notice and turn the land ablaze with death and destruction.  Even cities are not safe from the felled wings of these creatures.

You might need help taking on the big bad bosses.

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