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26. 7 Days to Die

The world has become infested by zombies due to an unknown virus.  Hordes of flesh-eating undead roam the countryside.  Now that most of the population is nothing more than brain devouring beasts, the few humans left must find a way to survive.

Take the open world crafting gameplay of Minecraft and throw in a dash of World War Z, and you have this game.  Dive into the immersive world filled with undead, as the players explore, loot, and craft their way to survival.  The huge, rich environment provides unlimited way to play, and allows players to choose a survival style that bests fits you.

Discover loot across the map in order to make weapons and armor to better you chance when the undead come.  Take refuge in an abandoned building, or construct one from scratch.  Make your own fortress of zombie-slaying.  The game is not limited to single player.  Team up with friends in randomly generated zones.  Work together to live, or stab them in the back

Collect resources for the in-depth crafting system

27. Far Cry Primal

A hunter from the Wenja tribe barely survives an attack from a sabretooth cat while on a hunt.  Upon returning home, he meets Sayla, who says the Wenja tribe has been scattered across the land after the village was destroyed.

Roll back the clock to the dawn of time in this prehistoric action adventure game.  Due to it taking place in the beginning of mankind, traditional guns and vehicles commonly found in the series has been removed.  Returning Far Cry veterans must adapt to the melee weapons like spears, clubs, and axes.  Range weapons do appear, but in the form of bows and slings.  Since there is no economics in the savage land, all material must be crafted by scavenging the open world for material like stone and wood.

Living in a hostile environment, players must be wary of both predators and hostile tribes around the area.  Seize areas to establish your own series of base camps allowing for rest and a place to prep as you continue your expedition. The NPCs will also task the player to complete tasks to improve the village and provide crafting material.  With the day-night cycle, players must be wary of when they go out, as predators are more deadly at night.  Players will have to make use of fire if they choose to go out after sunset.

Animals are not only used for food, as players can tame predators.  Larger animals can be used as spirit animals.  Spirit animals can be directly controlled, like the owl.  With “owl vision” players can scout enemy outposts, and can be upgraded to drop bombs on the foes.

Following the launch, developers introduced a Survival Mode that drastically increased the game’s difficulty.

Take on a pack of Mammoths with just your spear

28. ARK: Survival Evolved

Creatures thought long extinct have been brought back on the island called the Ark.  Unfortunately, you become stuck on there with them, along with some of the most dangerous creatures alive: humans.

Stranded, players must establish a base to survive.  Scour the 48 square kilometer area for resources and gain structure components.  The island is comprised of the 36 square mile land and the 12 square mile ocean that stretches outwards.  Crafting more sophisticated items requires leveling which makes the player more capable of building complex designs. Players are able to create nearly any item, so long as they have the right materials and the blueprints available to put everything together.  When it comes to bases, the integrity of the structure can be compromised.  A damaged pillar could cause the whole building to collapse.

Items can be crafted, such as weapons, by collecting the resources and having the technology to craft.  Accessories can also be added, such as a scope, to these weapons.  Food is a necessity as it helps replenish health that is lost through damage.

Sixty types of dinosaurs can be found in the game.  These creatures can be tamed by feeding them food after they have been knocked out.  Once under the player’s care, players have access to their different abilities, such as flight or quick underwater movement.  Riding larger dinosaurs, other players can ride on the side with full control of their weapons, but the one at the reins cannot.  A pack of Utahraptors can be ordered to defend the base, while triceratops can be commanded to attack enemy bases.

Riding a Pterodactyl is every kid’s dream.

29. Dying Light: The Following

Kyle Crane learns that a cultist group that is living outside a quarantined city has successfully controlled the virus.  With production for a cure unsuccessful, Crane goes to investigate the supposed immunity.

Travel through the open world in this zombie apocalypse-themed game.  An expansive open environment can be traversed through parkour mechanics like climbing ledges, jumping across rooftops, and even zip-lining.  The same mechanics are applied to combat, such as drop-kicking an enemy while running.

The combat mechanics focus heavily on melee weaponry.  There are over a hundred weapons and a thousand different possibilities to improve them with the crafting system.  Weapons become degraded over time and eventually break.  And while they can be repaired, it is limited. Crafting requires the right ingredients and blueprints.

Night and day cycle is a big part of the gameplay.  Under the sun, players go out and scavenge for supplies and get back to the safe zone.  They can set up traps and fortify their defenses.  Infected are slow and easy to point out.  At night the infected transform and become much more dangerous.  They gain the ability to sprint and are much stronger than before.  To avoid contact, players must use the “Survivor Sense” that helps locate the infected in the dark.  Experience points come into play through combat and performing parkour movements.  These points can be spent to improving skills like speed and strength.

Face all sorts of undead, even the roid-raging kind.

30. Gloria Victis

Delve into the fantasy world and choose between the proud Midlanders or the vengeful Ismirs of the frozen north.

Emphasizing on realism, join the medieval open world and build your empire.  Engage in a non-target combat system where the best tactician triumphs. Prove your skills in order to gain fame as an unbeatable gladiator, or be known across the land as a commander that could rival Alexander the Great.  Join tournaments to fight to the death in open PVP style.  Or gather your army to siege castles in an epic war. 

Conquer the open lands, siege towns and castles while developing fortifications of your own territory.  Become a part of the feudal society by establishing and build your reputation, leading allies under your banner. Or run in disgrace and become an outlaw.  Equip your soldiers with the best weapons available with the complex crafting system.  Scour the lands for the best resources and materials.  In this game, animals do not drop the weapons, they are forged by blacksmiths.  Make the character you wish for it to be with hundreds of available items.

Currently the game is in the alpha stage and the creators have issued that some issues may appear during the gaming experience.  They have plenty of plans coming in the future like Mounts and Naval Combat.

Use an arrow to pay the toll.

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