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21. Tree of Savior

In an unnamed kingdom, the Goddesses have disappeared without a trace. To make matters worse, the capital has been ravaged by the appearance by legions of monsters.

Tree of Saviour is an online MMORPG where players can create characters with over 80 classes to choose from. Gain experience through performing quests all over the open world, and level up to improve stats and abilities. Design your own weapons by traversing the lands for the needed items.  Or you can use the market system to bid for gear that other players have taken the time to make.  Players can also upgrade their system in different ways like applying jeweled slots to weapons to give them magical benefits.  And once you have everything together, join one of the many guilds comprised of other players.

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22. Black Desert Online

In a high fantasy world, two nations are in conflict.  The Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia fight over the valuable resources known as the Black Stones.  Join one of the kingdoms and fight for glory.

The combat is action based in this third-person mmorpg, requiring players to manually aim to hit their target.  When in close vicinities, use melee combat and combos.  Traverse the open world through a parkour running system similar to the Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed series.  A dynamic weather system allows large scale events, like typhoons, to influence gameplay.  Seasonal weather changes or travelling to new areas in the game will force players to switch their equipment to the surroundings. 

Players can craft housing, varying from tents to more substantial housing or buildings.  It can be fitted with furniture and other equipment.  NPC’s can be hired to setup a trading post in the building.  Mounted combat is also possible, where players are able to breed and tame wild animals.  These creatures require feeding and care, and can potentially be killed.

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23. Rift

Telara is the focal point of the elemental planes.  Each plan is governed by a dragon deity, a personification of the elemental force.  The Dragon of Extinction, Regulos has broken through the planes, creating rifts to appear across Telara.

The split between the elemental planes have caused rifts to spawn monsters that proceed to invade the land of Telara.  Players must defeat the monsters and close the rifts.  Once sealed, they are rewarded based on their contribution in the flight.  The game also offers the typical Dungeons and Raids typically found in the fantasy genre.  Team up in groups of five to face off against dungeons of varying difficulties, with best items found at the Master-level of difficulty.  Raids can be made up of ten or twenty players, requiring teamwork and good weapons and armor to be successful.  However, raids are found closer toward the end-game, which contains the toughest foes Rift has to offer.

Choose among five different classes, called callings.  Each level, players gain points to the eight different “souls”.  The soul-tree has branches that allow players to choose from different skills and bonuses to maximize the customization between callings.  For instance, if a player wishes for a Cleric to take a lot of damage, they would choose defensive properties and the ability to heal the group as it fights.

Along with the callings, players may also keep soul configurations, which may be used outside of combat, allowing them to change up their character’s abilities to suit the group’s needs.  Items can be found after completing various dungeons, rifts, or quests in the game.  At launch, Rift had approximately 12,000 weapons that could be used by any character.  The rarity of the weapon has a color coded system, allowing players to show just how unique their equipment is.

Delve into the fires and take on many foes

24. WildStar

The Dominion, an intergalactic empire forged by the Eldan has the goal of controlling the galaxy.  A group of refugees and outlaws called the Exiles have joined forces to fight them.

Players are able to create a character who can travel through an open world environment.  Movement is unique and allows moves such as double jumping, sprinting, and dashing.  Some area in the game has altered gravity, allowing players to jump even higher.

Combat revolves around a system of telegraphs, where zones are displayed on the ground.  It allows players to predict attacks and heal allies.  Telegraphs are also means for the player to have to cast them in the right direction. Players can also use the auto-targeting enemies, which makes it easier to get a particular enemy into their telegraph. 

Following character creation, players can choose from six classes, four paths, and eight races.  Classes are limited to certain races, but there are no gameplay differences between the races.  Selecting the classes allow for the certain skills to be unlocked.  And while paths are not restricted by class, they do determine what kind of content is available to the players during gameplay.

The game features a vast array of player-versus-player conflicts.  In addition to open world combat, players are able to participate in organized fights.  An arena consists of up to 5v5, battlegrounds are larger teams with up to 15v15, and war plots have a whopping 30v30 fights.

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25. Albion Online

You conquer and shape the world of Albion, and your every action has a consequence, which ripples through the land.  Establish a community of allies as you and fellow adventurers build your empires.

All items and buildings in the game are crafted by players, which can be bartered between them.  Scour the open world for materials to make the best items and decide which price to sell them to other players.  Savvy players can make it an industry of transporting goods to different markets around the game world.  In the game there is no class-restriction on any abilities or items, allowing players to become exactly what they want to be.  Craft any number of spells on the gear, and mix and match from different combinations of abilities and skills.  Players can be a heavily armored wizard that can heal with one hand and bash people with a mace in the other.

Once you have your perfect character, it is time to find your brethren.  Loyal band of brothers and sisters are out there to claim your patch of Albion.  Build cities and camps from over 50 different kinds of buildings and customizable skins.  Then it is time to wage war on neighboring guilds.  Take part in amassive open world PvP battles.  Fight for the fame and honor of your guild, or become a free riding mercenary whose name is synonymous with fear.

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