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All war gaming needs is a little magic!
All war gaming needs is a little magic!

2. Kingdom Wars II: Battles

Not enough fantasy games have zombie invasions written into their scripts. Leave it to Kingdom Wars II: Battles to bring the undead hordes to your doorstep in one of the best fantasy war games today.

The game combines real-time strategy, city-building, and zombie survival. They even managed to throw in a card game system in there!

Kingdom Wars II: Battles 01

The amazing thing is, it works. The large scale battles are intense and gory. Siege combat has your armies scaling walls with siege towers and ladders, bombarding walls with trebuchets, and ramming gates with battering rams, while you can defend your own stronghold with deadly defensive structures and fiendish traps. A complex crafting system lets you create new items and even cards, while there are numerous technologies to research. The three playable races (Humans, Elves, and Orcs) have distinctive traits, with numerous crafting opportunities and technologies unique to each of them.

Innovative and enormous in scope, this is one of the best fantasy war games you can play in 2015!

Kingdom Wars II: Battles 02

Kingdom Wars II: Battles 03

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