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All war gaming needs is a little magic!
All war gaming needs is a little magic!

9. Eador: Masters of the Broken World

You’ve got to love Eador: Masters of the Broken World. Seriously, how many fantasy games have you playing as a demigod with the fate of entire worlds in their hands?

A magical cataclysm sunders the universe, Eador, setting countless shards adrift in the void. Each shard is a unique world populated by various forms of life. Now, as one of the many immortal Masters, you’ll be fighting your fellow gods for control of the universe.

Eador 01

Attacking shards plays a huge role in the game. Doing so transports you to the world, where’ll you have to muster your forces against its inhabitants to conquer it. This is where the empire-building elements come in, which includes exploration, hero recruitment, economy development, and more. Armies go head-to-head in tactical, turn-based combat.

Additionally, you can communicate with the other Masters as you plan your conquest, and snatch technologies from defeated Masters.

One of the best fantasy war games you can play right now!

Eador 02

Eador 03

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