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All war gaming needs is a little magic!
All war gaming needs is a little magic!

1. Endless Legend

Fantasy games don’t get much better than Endless Legend, a 4X turn-based strategy game set in the mystical land of Auriga.

As the overseer of one of eight factions, it’s your job to change the fate of a world on the verge of collapse. These factions are as unique as they are diverse.

Endless Legend 01

Ever wanted to be part of an army of spectral knights? Join the Broken Lords. A fan of creepy-crawly freaks? The plague-spreading Necrophages are for you. Then you’ve got the nomadic Roving Clans, the forest-dwelling Wild Walkers, and the fanatical cult of mechanical monstrosities called the Cult of the Eternal End.

The vast, explorable world map is split into hexagonal tiles, over which you move your armies. But it’s not all about warfare; you’ll also have to micromanage the cities you’ve created or invaded, as well as prepare for Seasons, which drastically alter the climate and, consequently, the abilities of your units. You can win by eliminating all enemies, discovering all scientific technologies, becoming the economic power of the lands or the most diplomatic of factions, and more.

Truly one of the best fantasy war games of our time.

Endless Legend 02

Endless Legend 03

And thus another list comes to a close. So, dear readers: want do you think are the best fantasy war games to play in 2015? Tell is in the comments section below!

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