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Explore magical realms and fight mythical beasts

8. Darks Souls II

Dark Souls II: Gameplay Trailer

Inflicted with a curse that never allows him to truly die, a haunted hero must find a way to break the curse that tortures him.

The protagonist is an undead human and he is cursed with always resurrecting after death.  He finds his way to Drangleic, where he speaks with Emerald Herald and is tasked with a quest that will begin the path to breaking the curse.

His quest is to acquire four Great Souls. To do this, he has to battle powerful undead. This is only the beginning to a complicated series of tasks that he is required to complete.

Dark Souls II is a story with twists and turns within in the plot that will keep you engaged until the very end.

Enemies will not stand in his way!

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