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Breaking skulls the sportsmanlike way!
Breaking skulls the sportsmanlike way!

9. Rocky


One match down, a few hundred more to go...

When it comes to fictional boxers, no one is more popular than Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa.

As much as possible, the Rocky game stays faithful to the movie franchise that spawned it. That means fighting against the likes of Spider Rico and Apollo Creed. It even uses footages and audio from the film.

Gameplay includes Story Mode, which has Rocky fighting opponents from the film and those created exclusively for the game. Like a real boxing match, you win by knocking an opponent out, or by landing the most punches. Between bouts, training minigames allow Rocky to improve his speed, stamina, strength, movement, and determination stats.

One of the best boxing games for consoles, especially if you’re a fan of the Rocky films!


Round 1... FIGHT!


The big, bad Russian

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