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Enter a world of epic battles in Tera.

60.  Warface 2016: Anubis (2015)

Developer: Crytek

Genre: Action

Theme: A war-ravaged future team game

The world lies in ruins after decades of a deep economic freefall.  Even the strongest national identities were affected by the recession.  From the ashes of the destruction a paramilitary force known as Blackwood has risen.

As part of an elite force known as Warface, you must defeat them.  Failure should never cross your mind as you fight to take down Blackwood.

Should’ve been watching your back.

From the creators of Far Cry and Crysis, Warface 2016: Anubis is an all new free to play, action FPS. 

Join with your friends and play one of four different classes.  Suit up as a Rifleman, Sniper, Engineer, or Medic and lead your team to victory.  Each class has its own unique skills for you to master.

Or if it tickles your fancy, gear up for a full on versus match with teams made up to eight players.  You can participate in Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Plant the Bomb, Storm, Destruction, or Capture. 

Fight for the good forces of Warface or the corruptness of Blackwood.  New daily missions, and a constant flow of maps and weapons will keep you on your toes.

Brother down! 

59.  World of Warships (2015)

‘Unleash your inner Nimitz’

Developer: Wargaming

Genre: MMO-action

Theme: Naval combat perfection

War-based combat diehards have often begged the question: where’s my naval warfare? As its land-based cousins have continually lavished in the spotlight, naval combat has been the military gaming bastard child, languishing in the corner, not making eye contact with anyone at the party. Alas, naval folk need sulk no more- for World or Warships is coming.

A yet unreleased Wargaming production, World of Warships looks to be a beautiful naval combat simulator. Players command real historical vessels from nations ranging from the U.S. to the U.S.S.R., from Germany to Japan. Advancing involves progression through your nation of choice’s tech tree, upgrading your vessels along the way.

If you’re a boat nut who has found yourself silenced as your buddies go on about World of Tanks and War Thunder, take joy in knowing you aren’t alone. A solution to your problems is coming.

“Landlubbers, stick to COD.”

58.  Loadout (2014)

‘Take TF2, remove all semblance of strategy or class significance, step back, and enjoy’

Developer: Edge of Reality

Genre: Multiplayer Third Person Shooter

Theme: Over-the-top cartoonish madness

Is Loadout just another freewheeling, free to play batch of shooter madness? Yes, and no. Loadout would be certifiably insane if it were a person, but the broad character customization options create a gameplay experience that’s fresh enough the provoke interest and familiar enough to feel like home.

The appearance customization options for your player character are zany and hilarious (see the scantily clad and rather rotund woman in the video). The gun customizing is definitely a highlight- as you play, your upgrades will grow your weapon of choice along with you, organically adapting to your developing playing style.

Loadout looks like TF2, and comparisons are certainly justified. Play it, and you’ll find that it offers just enough freshness to keep you hooked.

‘Helga I am so into that’

57.   Kingdom Wars- MMORTS (7/10)

 ‘Play God for an hour or six’

Developer: Reverie World Studios


Theme: Veni, vidi, vici

Kingdom Wars puts you in control of a city and an army, and your goal is to take the cities of others. Simple, brutal, and empowering, this is a game that will have you developing some serious Machiavellian tendencies if you don’t keep yourself in check. Seriously. Remember to take breaks.

Featuring three races to choose from, many game modes, a gorgeous 3D map with scale replicas of strongholds, realistic weather change, and a base builder that offers customizability reminiscent of city sims without the hassle, Kingdom Wars is an immersive experience that has put me under for the past three days. Help. Please.

‘Not in my house’

56. Star Conflict (2014)

 ‘Interstallar dogfighting over picturesque planets? Sign me up’

Developer: Gaijin Entertainment


Theme: The most grandiose stage of warfare- free

Climb into the cockpit of a futuristic spacecraft that would take ten zillion dollars to make with today’s technology and blast off to subdue an enemy army full of similarly unreal flight vehicles over an exotic planet in a galaxy, lightyears from your own. Welcome to Spacecraft.

With dozens of different ships, environmental design grand enough to rival the Sistine Chapel, and intuitive and accessible controls, Star Conflict offers something to satiate the deepest desires of those among us who gaze upward at the stars and wonder, “what else?” Games like this truly set the imagination alight and abuzz.


‘The immense and intimidating dreadnought’

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