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Run before you too become a zombie.

7. The Dead (2010)

That's why you shouldn't do drugs.

The movie is set out in the African continent. Lieutenant Brian Murphy crashes somewhere off on the west coast Africa. The African continent is populated with mindless flesh eating zombies.

The eyes look terrifying.

Brian gathers supplies from the crash and travels around to find a village. Midway he faces some zombies and is cornered. He is then saved by an African soldier who is in search of his son, both of them team up together for the following journey to survive the zombies.

Hope the train is right on schedule.

The acting is quite good and the atmospheric setting is perfect. Overall it is a good movie, worth a watch.

6. Pandorum {2009}

I challenge you to a duel.

The movie is set up in deep space. Two crew members, astronauts wake up from deep hyper-sleep and realize that they are stranded on a spacecraft with no knowledge of their mission or their identities. They soon find out that they are not alone and there is a strange life form in the spaceship.

Judging his expressions I don’t wanna see what he found.

The two astronauts team up and venture around to uncover the dark and deep secrets of the spaceship, the terrifying mutants, and find out about their mission. The only option they have is to escape from the bloodthirsty mutants and survive.

Even a wound like that won’t kill it

This movie offers a great sci-fi experience with great visuals, effect, story and gore. If you like suspense, horror and survival movies you will surely love Pandorum.

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