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10 Weirdest Video Games Ever Made
“You haven’t seen anything yet” *smirk* - goat, from Goat Simulator

5. Enviro Bear 2000

A bear driving. As if that’s not weird enough.

Winter is coming, and this bear needs to fatten up for hibernation. He rides a car to get food by driving over water pools for fish or into bushes for berries. The concept is peculiar enough; match it with graphics and animation which looks like it was made by a 10-year old on a sugar rush, and you get a simply hilarious game.

Let's Play Enviro-Bear 2000 - Operation: Hibernation

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augustwright's picture

augustwright 6 years 2 months ago

No joke, though, Goat Simulator is pretty awesome (there's even a goat Hell you can gain access to!).