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10 Tips to Help You Escape ELO Hell in LoL

She is certainly master of that outfit

9) Learn to master a particular Role/Champ

Most great players have two or three champs that they "main". Why? Because your muscles only have so much capacity for memory, and sometimes your reflex to hit that W key on Brand when you are actually playing Gangplank will get the better of you. If you really must branch out, a five character rotation should be the maximum by the time you get to ranked play. This is your roster, your go to guys, your main entourage.

We all have our favorites

10) Focus

LoL is all about combining several different mini-games into one cohesive effort. You have the CS minigame, the build minigame, the harass minigame, the dragon/baron minigame, the "making sure your allies don't have a hissyfit" minigame. Balancing so many things is difficult to start with, but when you've got the TV on and your other monitor is on reddit cat videos, performing well is going to be simply impossible. A type of meditation session before a big match may help you to zero in on the game and give your best performance.

Summon your Chi

LoL is a game, and it is supposed to be fun. However, for some people the thrill of victory is the fun. If you are one of these people, then you owe it to youself to constantly improve your game. Keeping up with pro videos will have you at platinum in no time at all.  

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