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10 Tips to Help You Escape ELO Hell in LoL

Teemo, LoL

Teemo is a cuddly little mushroom chomper who it pays to play once or twice at least

6) Know the Champs

Pick your poison

The free weekly rotation is your friend. Since focusing on a few champions to master is highly recommended, many people play for years without learning what all of the champions are capable of- which makes countering these unknown enemies nearly impossible. Take some time every week with the rotation and play a few bot games, as the more you know about various characters the better you will be prepared to counter them. A platinum player will know the abilities of nearly every champ in the game.

7) Playing Conservatively

The pros always wait for the right moment

So many players simply feed their way to a loss. Don't be that person. If you notice yourself losing exchanges, don't be afraid to back off and focus on last hitting creeps. It is way better for your team if you hang back, get behind a level and guard the turret than it is for you to feed ziggs 12 kills in 25 minutes (gg).

8) Be Willing to Switch Lanes

Sometimes you will find that you are simply mismatched. It may be a skill imbalances, or simply that the champ you've have chosen doesn't have a very effective counter for your lane opponent. In these cases, switch lanes. Do it early, and don't look back. Too many people are stuck on the meta (tank/fighter top, ADC bottom etc.). While it serves a purpose, the meta is useless if you are feeding your lane opponent, and there are other ways to skin a cat. Be willing to improvise and try new things if you are finding your kill/death ratio is getting embarassing.

Top champs need support too

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