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10 Things Players Hate About Dota 2
Lina definitely isn't one of them.

5. Players who keep feeding.

Dying in Dota 2, is bad. Dying to a team’s carry, is even worse. There’s no better way to jump start the enemy team’s momentum than giving their carry free gold. If you happen to be in a lane with a carry, that is just wrecking the lane, you have to make an adjustment. There is no excuse to go back into the lane with the same strategy just to be killed again. Someone once told me that the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.

If you see your lane is just not working out, communicate with your teammates and find another solution. Do not keep giving their carry free gold and experience. Sometimes it’s even better to just let the enemy carry free farm while you help push another lane or help set up a gank.  

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