10 Things PC Gamers Can Do That Console Gamers Can't: Page 10 of 10

10 Things PC Gamers Can Do That Console Gamers Can't

1. Best hardware for your Money

I Swear it's an Alien Mothership

OMG $1,500 I am going to die

With Consoles what you see if what you get. What if you want more? With a PC you are limited by how much you can spend. If you want to play games at 4K, then you need hardware that makes those games play at 4K. You cannot make a console play the game the way you want to play because the hardware is not there. If you want to play at higher frame rates you need the hardware and the hardware cost money. With that hardware you are getting the peace of mind that you are buying the best hardware for your money. With consoles you do not know what is inside that console.

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