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10 Things Minecraft Players Hate

7. Your structure getting blown up

Oops i did it again

Stop me if you heard this one. You got your blocks ready. You create this mind blowing structure. It’s the Mona Lisa of structures. You admire your hard work and hours spent on it, and a creeper just comes out of nowhere and blows up right on your structure. You scream as you see your work come crashing down piece by piece.

I Hate creepers so much. It’s ok if they go blowing up other people's house, but come on not my house. I remember I once I was making a theme park on Minecraft and it was perfect. I go to get my younger brother and when we came back, a creeper just pops up and blows up my tower of laughter. You know how long it took me to make that tower? I was so pissed.

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