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best lol teams 2016
Fnatic, waving their banner high and asserting their authority as they hold up the EU LCS trophy they so rightfully earned after finishing first place in their league and earning the slot of top seed EU for Worlds 2015 last season.

3) "ROX Tigers (LCK)"

“ROX Tigers’ photo of the whole team shopping, bonding, and basically relaxing after all the heavy games and training at a mall in China.”

Seeking revenge for last year's finals, KOO Tigers made some major changes that really helped them decimate the competition so far this season. With these changes taking place, can ROX Tigers do what KOO Tigers failed to do last year?

Active Roster:

  • Smeb- Top
  • Peanut- Jungle
  • KurO- Mid
  • PraY- ADC
  • GorillA- Support

After a hard-fought championship Finals last season, the runners up at last season’s Worlds have invested in a new name. But that’s not the only thing that’s changed as their skills have improved so much since Worlds 2015. They’re currently acing LCK undefeated (as of writing); even defeating former contenders from last Worlds finals, SKT.

Smeb, proving to be one of the best, if not the best, Top-laner in the world is currently dominating his lane matches, leading the team to victory every time. And the team once previously known as KOO Tigers has definitely improved since the last time we saw them at Worlds 2015.

As we recall, they’re the only team to have defeated SKT in a game at Worlds 2015, depriving SKT of a flawless victory. We’ve known them as the underdogs then, but right now they’re an unstoppable force in LCK this season. KOO Tigers are long gone and buried in the past, and with that out of the way, can ROX finish what they started at the next Worlds?

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/TigersLOL/, active at 25k likes.

Chances of Winning Worlds 2016: 8.5/10 Teemos

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