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best lol teams 2016
Fnatic, waving their banner high and asserting their authority as they hold up the EU LCS trophy they so rightfully earned after finishing first place in their league and earning the slot of top seed EU for Worlds 2015 last season.

6) "TPA Assassins (LMS)"

“TPA Assassins asserting their dominance and showing their tiger looks in their League Team Roster photo.”

The least presently-hyped Seasonal champs in our list. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because they’re the weakest but because they are the underdogs who made history in the past, but not recently these past seasons. Can TPA redeem their former glory and get themselves into Worlds once again and win? #ComebackEzReal

Active Roster:

  • Morning- Top
  • REFRA1N- Jungle
  • FoFo- Mid
  • Bebe- ADC
  • Jay- Support
  • Achie- Sub/Mid

The Season 2 champions. This small team from Taiwan bested all odds against them in 2012 when they, the underdogs from Asia, managed to get through their stages and defeated top teams such as Najin Sword, Moscow Fantastic Five, and at the finals, their similarly sponsored “sister” team, Azubu Frost (TPA was also sponsored by Azubu back then).

After those glory days, however, TPA hasn’t stepped up to even the semis plate. They’ve also lost most of their original players from Season 2.

But Bebe, their prominent ADC who inspired the Blue Ezreal Meta, is also the same ADC from the Season 2 reign of TPA. He is the key player to TPA’s success these days, leading them to win a lot of their games in their league. Their roster looks stronger than ever and it’s pretty safe to say that the Taiwanese team can make it to Worlds and win. They’ve done it before and I’m pretty certain they can do it again.

It’s been far too long since we last saw TPA make plays and dominate international games as well as they did in Season 2. But it’s possible that Season 6 just might be their year to win Worlds once again.

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/tpaLoL, active at 507 likes. (Note: The page doesn’t post in English.)

Chance of Winning Worlds 2016: 7.5/10 Teemos

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