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10 Secrets To Quickly Increasing Your DotA 2 Solo MMR
There are no shortcuts.

5. Making that gold

dota 2 gold

Your GPM, gold per minute, is an essential part of winning a Dota match. Relying on hero and tower kills for gold is a big mistake. This means that if you’re a carry, you cannot miss your last hits. This means that if you're a support, you need stack neutral creep spawns, pull lanes, and work with your other supports to get any sort of gold you can. Tip: since neutral creeps spawn every minute, if you lure them far enough away from the camp, the neutrals will spawn and viola! You have yourself a stacked camp.

Obtaining a high GPM isn't always about creep kills either. Sometimes, the situation calls for a Hands of Midas to speed things up. While expensive, HoM will dramatically increase your GPM and your experience gain. HoM is typically gotten by carries, but supports can get it as well.  

Here are some guides on how to farm the jungle.  



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