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10 Secrets To Quickly Increasing Your DotA 2 Solo MMR
There are no shortcuts.

2. Don't be a Jackass

Arnold Flamer dota 2

Look, everyone knows Dota 2 can be a pain in the ass. My first time playing Dota, way back in the Warcraft 3 days, was an extremely painful experience.

I didn't understand the items, or the lanes, or anything really, and not even a minute into my first game I was put on blast. At some point, I believe everyone has received a verbal beating of some sort on the internet because of something they did, but what we have to remember is to let it go.

So when you're playing, and one of your teammates does something that, well, just doesn't make any sense, relax. Instead of beating them down with criticism, help them. Show them the way. What's the line? You'll attract more bees with honey than vinegar?  

You'll have a better shot of winning and increasing your precious MMR if everyone is working together and having a good time. Also, if it's someone else on the team who is losing their sh*t, say something about it. Be nice of course, but don't let them bring down the morale of the team.

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