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Those who prepare for anything can survive anything

8) Pandemic

Whether it is biological warfare, a scientific study gone wrong, or a destructive product of nature, a pandemic is a very real possibility. We have adapted to fight strenuous numbers of foreign diseases thanks to the vast and ever continuous work of scientist and medical researchers alike, but even having all the advanced resources that are currently available to humanity there are still new cases of diseases across the world.

Contingencies are put in place to prevent pandemic level diseases from spreading across the world but, both undocumented, and mutated strains of pre-documented diseases have proven to be very resistant to these contingencies and have left humanity rushing to find a way to combat this new microbial foe.

It can be hard to believe that something so insignificant in size could bring humanity to its knees

Pandemics may come in numerous forms, but they always share a single horrifying detail. Pandemics leave masses of tortured corpses in their passing with no sense of remorse for the destruction chaos and sorrow they cause. The diseases that make up pandemics harness no feelings, only an innate need to reproduce and spread from host to host at the greatest rate possible.

The more humanity fights diseases the more we learn about them. Alternatively, the more we fight these deadly diseases the more they seem to mutate and create newer more deadly diseases that we have a much harder time fighting. There may come a time when a single disease could cripple our very understanding of what is necessary to combat a pandemic, leaving us struggling to combat a disease that quickly turns most humanity into a massive crumpled pile of dead.

With the rapid speed of a pandemic disease those who once cared for the infected will soon join them

 Those lucky enough to hold some form of immunity must stand upon the downfall of humanity. Hoping that among them is a single being with an intellectual understanding great enough to design some way of rebuilding the world they have now lost. One can only hope if this ever occurs that there are enough survivors to see this become a reality.

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