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Gather 'round for some great tales!
Gather 'round for some great tales!

1. BioShock

BioShock 01

Big Daddy and Little Sister

BioShock 02

Someone really hates their dentist

The first-person shooter has evolved. BioShock demonstrates that the genre can weave a disturbing web of sociopolitical intrigue while simultaneously giving us countless bad guys to pulverize.

After surviving a plane wreck at sea, Jack finds himself descending into the underwater city of Rapture. Built by the wealthy visionary Andrew Ryan, Rapture has deteriorated into a dystopian madhouse, where the ideals of freedom and industry have been subverted by hedonism, greed, and utter depravity. A lesson in the pitfalls of extreme capitalism and objectivism, the story of Rapture’s downfall remains a favorite among critics and fans alike, with Andrew Ryan being hailed as one of gaming’s most complex fictional politicians and villains.

But it’s not all politics and philosophy. Rapture is a veritable house of horrors, and roaming its blood-spattered corridors is one of the most suspenseful experiences in the first-person shooter genre. Rapture’s history, from its promising beginnings to its dismal end, are chronicled in audio-logs created by the city’s inhabitants. Listening to these shorter, personal stories is chilling, adding generous helpings of the macabre to an atmosphere already thick with dread. Truly, BioShock deserves top spot on our list of best video game stories.

Our rating – 5/5

BioShock 03

BioShock 04

So, did your favorites make it to this list? What do you think are the best PC games stories ever told, and why? 

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