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10 Movies Every Starcraft Player Should Watch
Jim Raynor in his marine armor.

3. Pacific Rim

3 Pacific Rim

Making its way from the abyss into the third position on our countdown is the robotic alien destroying film Pacific Rim.

In this film, similar to humanity in StarCraft, mankind decides the best way to stop the plague upon their world known as Kaijus, is with technology. Large mechanical suits with mega weaponry are built to combat this alien race.

Lurking in a portal deep beneath the Pacific Ocean, these monsters can only be thwarted by the brave pilots of the Jaeger program. Wielding their giant robotic suits, similar to Thors in StarCraft, humanities strikes out in one final clutch effort to save mankind and prevent its extinction. Once again, this film could have easily swapped the cast with Zerg and Terran units to make a decent Starcraft movie.

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