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10 Movies Every Starcraft Player Should Watch
Jim Raynor in his marine armor.

8. Battle Los Angeles

Battle Los Angeles easily claims the number eight position in our ten movies every StarCraft player should watch due to the simple fact that in both series aliens love to wreak havoc on human populations.

Although arguably much less technologically superior as the awe inspiring Protoss, the alien population in Battle Los Angeles is no less effective. The large ships which landed in the earth’s oceans, thought to be meteors in the movie, are equitable in idea to the colossus present in the StarCraft universe.

This movie, similar to the Starcraft universe, shows the fact that humanity is at a disadvantage, but pushes forward regardless of the staggering odds. This parallel thought process should be more than enough to draw any fan of the StarCraft universe into a bullet whizzing, explosion viewing popcorn eating adventurous night in front of the television.  

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