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Feeling anxious after finishing Skyrim? Relive your Skyrim gaming days with these movies
Viking theme + destructive dragons = Skyrim. You’ll be “FusRoDah-ing” your way all throughout the game.

4. Pathfinder

Viking armor, axe, a guy that looks Forsworn, and a dragon ship. Now tell me if this isn’t Skyrim.

The setting of the film takes place in the so-called “Vinland”, a land full of forests and mountains covered in thick layers of snow; it’s almost as if the film was shot in Skyrim. The natives in the game also call the Vikings, “Dragon People”. Skyrim is heavily influenced by Viking lore, so it’s safe to say that the Dragonborn belongs to the Dragon People referenced in this Skryim movie.

Littered with snow-covered mountains with narrow pathways around it, I was hoping it will feature a dragon sleeping upon a monumental stone on the mountain summit.

Aside from their posters being spitting images of each other, resemblances in the arctic and unfriendly nature, Nordic weapons and armors, and one-day-a-hero-will-be-born kind of prophesy make this one of the best movies like Skyrim.

Who needs armor? Ghost leading a pack of heavily armored “Dragon People”.

Pathfinder trailer.

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