10 Movies Every Left 4 Dead Player Should Watch: Page 5 of 10

10 Movies Every Left 4 Dead Player Should Watch
Zombie movies galore!

6. Resident Evil

Waiting for the jump scare 

While this movie franchise that is loosely based off of the video game series now has had multiple titles released, it is the first movie that really brought out the true spirit of the zombie. Resident Evil 1 was both action-packed and horrifying. The Umbrella Corporation had released the T virus which had infected the entire facility. You watch as the response team goes in to salvage what is left… It doesn’t end well.

As you learn in the movie, it only takes one lowly zombie to bring you down. In Left 4 Dead it doesn’t matter how many zombies you can mow over with your weapons if you miss the little guy around the corner.

Another thing that Resident Evil did which was great was to bring in new kinds of zombies, and devil dogs as well for that matter. No two zombies are alike, they are all of equal worth!

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MJuarbe's picture

MJuarbe 7 years 6 months ago

What happen to Dawn of the Dead? oh well time to get my dvd player out and watch all of these movies

James Lightning's picture

James Lightning 7 years 6 months ago

Very entertaining. Now i feel like watching them all

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