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10 Movies Every Left 4 Dead Player Should Watch
Zombie movies galore!

9. Fido

Look at how happy he is! It's almost cute

This is one of the few zombie comedies out there, and it is fantastic! The movie takes place in an alternate world where a massive space cloud has reanimated all dead. After millions lost their lives in the Zombie Wars, one brilliant man finally came up with a solution. It was a collar that you could place on zombies that would quell their desire for human brains, or in other words, domesticate them.

Yup! Fido is the 1950’s happy go lucky spy on your neighbor kind of movie in which people keep zombies as pets and servants. Of course, the collars don’t always work right…

If you learn anything from this movie, it is that zombies have feelings too, bad guys usually get eaten, and death might not be all that terrible!

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MJuarbe's picture

MJuarbe 7 years 6 months ago

What happen to Dawn of the Dead? oh well time to get my dvd player out and watch all of these movies

James Lightning's picture

James Lightning 7 years 6 months ago

Very entertaining. Now i feel like watching them all

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