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10 Movies Every League of Legends Player Should Watch
You should definitely watch these!

1. Anger Management

If you constantly find yourself having the urge to kill or physically injure another person while playing League of Legends you should probably consider watching this movie. Anger Management is just what it says it is. The film follows Adam Sandler as he struggles with severe aggression issues. He is treated by Jack Nicholson who plays the role of a crazy therapist.

First off, this movie is hilarious, but more than that it actually has a really good message. Most people feel yucky when they watch a streamer go toxic, and they’ll turn the stream right off. Anger should have no place in our society virtual or not. Chill out because in the end, it is just a game… Unless you’re a professional and whether or not you get to eat dinner is dependent on winning. That is probably not you though so don’t worry about it.

Everybody calm down!

Unfortunately as of now there is no League of Legends movie, but you can make due with these. Do you agree with these picks? What other movies would you like to recommend to moba players? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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