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10 Most Popular Esports Games in 2015
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A cast of awesome heroes, DOTA 2.

As the second most popular MOBA in the world, and probably the game that gave rise to the MOBA industry, Dota 2 comes in at number 2.

The original Dota came as a derivative from a Warcraft III battle.net map. The sequel was released in 2013 under the direction of Valve, the same company that created Half-Life and Counterstrike, but received much criticism for having too steep of a learning curve. You pick a hero and defend one of several lanes across a big map. The lanes all connect your base to the enemy's, and the purpose is to push through your lane and destroy the opponents base.

The Dota International Compendium is currently sitting on a prize pool of over $8 million dollars. That almost feels like too much money. You have to split it evenly throughout a team of 5, but that is still a million each. Dota’s prize pool is actually the biggest prize pool in professional gaming, but the number of people who play this game is on the decline unfortunately. The last game on our list may not give away as much money, but it is much more popular.

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