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10 Hottest Video Games Babes of 2015
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5. Cindy (Final Fantasy XV)

She is the first female character you encounter in FF XV

Cindy was a character we were introduced to in the Final Fantasy XV demo. She is a mechanic that travels around the world after a scarring incident that we know very little about.

SquareEnix released the demo as a sort of Beta to learn what the players liked and didn’t like. An overwhelming response in regards to Cindy was that she was too sexy and needed to be toned down. That sounds like a good reason to end up on this list. Her breast jiggled too much which, coupled with her energetic behavior and immodest dress, made her a very erotic character.

The game developers responded by toning this down since this was not the original intention for her. It will be interesting to see how she is depicted in the actual release of the game.

I get the feeling that her shop doesn't have a dress code

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