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10 Hottest Video Games Babes of 2015
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8. Yuna (Final Fantasy X, X-2)

This is the innocent Yuna we grew to love

It seems that a lot of gaming companies are making money off of simply re-releasing old games over and over again on new consoles. Final Fantasy X and X-2 “remastered” are being released again this year, only this time it is for the Ps4. That is fantastic though since it allows us to place Yuna on this list.

In FFX Yuna was the modest summoner that we cared deeply for. She was pretty and played the very traditional female Final Fantasy role. Then FF X-2 happened. Yuna donned the short shorts and started duel-wielding pistols. The hypersexualized nature of the sequel unfortunately had a negative impact on how the game was received, but Yuna was still awesome and widely liked!

This happened to Yuna in FF X-2

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