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Games Like Baldur's Gate, baldurs gate alternatives
So much more fun than you can't remember!

2. Divinity Original Sin

Divinity Original Sin gameplay

Not to be confused with Divine Divinity… This is a prequel, and a bajillion times better. Divinity Original Sin makes open-world games a joke. You can interact with everything. EVERYTHING. You take on the mantle of a “Source Hunter”, searching out and taking down those that practice a dangerous new type of magic. There’s onion type layers to this plot, and it is perfectly balanced out by a sweet combat system.

Talk out your decisions with your party, or just some shmuck walking by. Become a Source Hunter, sniffing out and shutting down that dank magic shit. The freedom of interactivity will get you lost in the world, and the blatant fun of the combat system and intrigue of the plot will make you scoff the next time your Dungeon Master asks you to “imagine, if you will…”

Curb your fire spells in dry weather. Remember what Smokey the owlbear says, “Only you can prevent forest fires.”

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