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Games like Baldur's Gate
Baldur’s Gate was foundation of an RPG legacy that has given us some of the best games ever made.

6: Lineage Eternal

Lineage Eternal – Gameplay

Lineage Eternal is the third entry in NCsoft’s MMO series. The new next generation MMORPG is set in the same fantasy setting of the previous two lineage games, but this time Lineage is ready to take combat to a whole new level. Lineage Eternal features huge siege battles on a scale that haven’t been seen before.

Promising to deliver the same intense Asian medieval fantasy combat that Lineage has always been known for, if you’re a fan of MMO gameplay then Lineage Eternal is not one to miss.

Games like Baldur's Gate isometric RPG story based gaming 2017 2016 old-school best nostalgic games Lineage Eternal

Seamless RPG combat on a grand scale.

5: Divinity Original Sin

Divinity Original Sin Gameplay

Divinity Original Sin is one of the most critically acclaimed isometric RPG’s of all time, and for very good reason. Overlooking the gripping story, unbelievably fun combat system, stunning graphics and polished dungeon design, what really makes Divinity stand out is the way you can interact with the environment around you.

Is your opponent standing in a pool of water? Cast a fireball and turn that puddle into a cloud of blinding steam while your rogue sneaks in for the kill. Need to solve a murder, but the only witness is a dog, or maybe even a cat? Then learn to talk to animals and you’ll find that killer in no time. I cannot stress enough just how much fun I have had playing Divinity: Original Sin, so if you haven’t had the chance yet then check it out on steam now.

Divinity Original Sin RPG isometric games like Baldur's Gate

Divinity Original Sin is an instant, beautifully made classic.

4: Divinity Original Sin 2

Divinity Original Sin 2 Gameplay 

The sequel to divinity only manages to improve on the first, bringing us one of the best-looking RPG’s ever made.

Choose your origin, free yourself from a magical prison and return to the world of Divinity: Original Sin for another epic, environmentally deadly adventure. Loosing none of what made the last game such a well-loved masterpiece, the sequel instead builds on the success of the previous instalment, adding polish, new features and further updating the already spectacular graphics.

Games like Baldur's Gate isometric RPG story based gaming 2017 2016 old-school best nostalgic games Divinity Original Sin II

It’s not often that a sequel manages to outshine the original, but Divinity Original Sin 2 manages to improve upon one of the most well-loved RPG games of our decade.

3: Bless Online

Bless Online Gameplay First Look

Published by Neowiz Games, Bless online is an action MMORPG set amidst a war of two factions. Bless online features 10 classes to play amongst 8 different races. The environments of Bless online are beautiful medieval landscapes that make the perfect complement to the tense politically driven story of the game.

Like many modern MMORPG’s Bless offers two pvp experiences, on the one hand you have small player duels that are fast and exciting tests of skill, but those pale in comparison to the huge battles that players can fight with one another that require immense co-ordination and teamwork to win.

If you’re looking for a narrative driven game like Baldur’s gate, but are also looking for a game to play with others then Bless Online is a game you need to check out.

Games like Baldur's Gate isometric RPG story based gaming 2017 2016 old-school best nostalgic games bless online MMORPG

Bless online is another excellent Asian MMO to look out for.

2: Neverwinter (2013 mmorpg)

Neverwinter (PC) First Impressions

Neverwinter is an awesome free to play experience for any fans of dungeons and dragons. Like Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter brings the classic fantasy world to life with fun and awesomely imagined environments to complement the sandbox style MMO game design.

One of the best parts of Neverwinter is that if you run out of official content to run through with your guild mates, the player-generated foundry missions are of such high quality that they often outshine the official content.

Of course, if you’re a natural modder yourself then Neverwinter should be an unmissable opportunity for you to let your design skills shine.

Games like Baldur's Gate isometric RPG story based gaming 2017 2016 old-school best nostalgic games neverwinter

Neverwinter brings the D&D universe into the world of MMORPG Gameplay

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