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These 10 games will bring you into another world.

1) Crysis 3

First-person shooter Crysis 3 takes place in post-apocalyptic New York City. The once-great metropolis has been turned into a vicious jungle and you, the supersoldier Prophet, are left to take a stand and defeat the alien Ceph who have made the Earth their own.

A pretty awesome premise, right? And the game has the graphics to boot. Running on the world famous CryEngine, the Crysis franchise is known for unrivaled graphics technology. 

The game is simply filled with brilliant green vegetation, as well as crumbling urban decay. It radiates with vibrant colors from all corners. If you're someone who seeks stunning graphics in video games, Crysis 3 is an example of brilliance.

Endless jungle.


So, readers of Gamers Decide, what did you think of our list of 10 first-person games with awesome graphics? While the argument on whether graphics make or break a game has been going on for just about forever, there's one thing we know for sure: as a gamer, being able to enjoy breathtaking visuals can never hurt. 

Did we miss anything? Should we change the order at all? There are games with better graphics being made all the time, so it's hard to limit a list of them to 10 items. Technology is evolving every day, and so long as hardware becomes more and more powerful, video game graphics will just keep getting better. 

There's a bright future ahead of us, and many more worlds to see. 

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