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10 Fighting Game Characters With The Deadliest Moves
This would hurt!

4. Nut Punch

Johnny Cage from the Mortal Kombat series started out as a Hollywood star that no one could take seriously. He proved himself and ended up becoming one of the most respected and important defenders of the Earthrealm. Cage is defined by his arrogant and sly nature. One has to have good feelings about oneself in order to tatoo your own name across your chest. This goofy and arrogant attitude definately comes out in Cage's fighting technique.

One of Johnny Cage's signature moves is the nut punch. He will drop into the splits and send an uppercut flying right into the opponents crotch area. As you can imagine this move is quite brutal. It might not seem clear to you though that getting punched in the nuts could be considered one of the deadliest moves among fighting characters in video games, but let me assure you that getting your nuts crushed by a beautiful man doing the splits is in fact quite lethal.

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